We don’t know and we don’t care…

“How many of you know about the shooting in Turkey?”


“How many of you read the paper this morning?”


“How many of you watched the news last night?”

5 hands go up.

“OK, so what’s going on in the world?”

“I just watched the highlights that’s all.” One student says as another three nod.

“DJ Creme” another interjects and the whole class bursts out laughing.

As the lecturer tries to figure out who DJ Creme is and what he/she did to get on the news it dawns on him that in a class of almost forty students none of them seemed to have any real knowledge, awareness or even interest in current affairs. Is this true? Is there a generation that is so self absorbed that news on politics, economics, change of policies etc does not move them? Perhaps the correct assertion begins with understanding that their primary mode of communication is more instantaneous than it was for previous generations.Their ability to access information is easier and faster but the problem perhaps is that they do nothing with this information.  They can’t find a  connection between what they are receiving and its impact on their lives so why should they care?

Listen, until I read this article What is ISIS and why you should care that broke down the whole drama they were just a bunch of bad guys in a land far far away who regularly popped on the news. Sounds kind of blond huh? In mass communication, the need to reach large audiences outweighs the impact that information has so if you’re going to gloss over issues then don’t be surprised when this information does nothing for us. If I received a text/tweet at 2 pm about what is being aired and discussed as “news” at 7 pm. that’s old news to me I am already informed and up to date thank you.

So, the next time you see generation xaxa on their phones don’t assume we are snap chatting, Instagramming and Keeping up with the Kardashians (who by the way have an incredible business sense) OK maybe you’re right maybe that is what we’re doing……




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