Music moguls

lemonade cover


Here’s how you make money in the music industry

  1. Be Beyoncé
  2. Marry Jay-Z=POWER COUPLE
  3. Accuse your husband of cheating
  4. Make and audio-visual album/masterpiece to help you deal with the pain
  5. Release it for streaming and purchase on Tidal that you&your “cheating” husband own
  6. Make loads of money

Beyoncés album ‘Lemonade’ was released on April 23rd 2016, debuted in the US,UK and Canada at number onesold 485,000 copies in its first week, was streamed 115 million times via Tidal and was certified platinum in June 2016. Did I mention that she also embarked on a world tour so ticket sales, album sales, autographs, merchandise I mean I might as well quit while I’m ahead you get the picture right? MONEY IN! A quick Google such reveals that in Kenya you are more likely to find a producer’s name than an actual record label unlike in the US where Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group dominate. Out of the fist 15 articles that came up only 5 had actual record labels on the list and 2/3 of those have websites and/or some contact information which begs the question if I wanted to record a song/sign up with your label how am I supposed to find you???

It seems that the trend here is to find someone who has worked with big artists and hope that they can work their magic on you which if they turn out not to be a good fit I guess you move on to the next. Sauti Sol is perhaps a good example of  a band that understands music as a business. In addition to being signed to one of the major labels in Africa ‘Penya’, they have a manager, a stylist and a PR officer who handle all their engagements. When they released their latest album ‘LIVE AND DIE IN AFRIKA’  they collaborated with Safaricom in order to have the album free to download for the first 48hrs. The cost of an album is about Ksh2500 on average which isn’t bad for their target market but it was an act of goodwill on their part to their fans thanking them for their support so far. They are also currently on a world tour so again ticket sales, album sales, autographs, merchandise MONEY IN!

I think that you can make music because you love it, because you are good at it, because you have a gift, I mean whatever reason works for you but if you don’t understand how the business work you might as well die with your gift. If you don’t like dealing with people including fans and just want to concentrate on creating amazing music hire a team let them make it look like you care or are likeable and then blow their minds away with all that creative goodness. Also pick up a tip from Sauti Sol and Beyoncé whose sites I have spend the past 2hrs stalking because well they are good to look at.

Oh and how’s this for a throwback OK maybe more like a before and after 🙂

sol beforesol after




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